Get Involved

No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden.—Lk. 11:33

What ways can you get involved with Tree of Life Ministries?

Give Financially

050504194553Missions have real-world costs, including equipment and building materials. Give with a grateful heart, with mustard-seed faith. See Donations link.

Contact George at about the following options:

Donate Supplies

Refrigerators, stoves, sewing machines, diesel generator, and Christian CDs and DVDs.

table of prayer2cropsmOrganize prayer

Keep updated on the latest Tree of Life prayer requests by getting the Belize Journal and checking our Praise & Prayer page and our Belize Prayer Network website.

Become a Ministry Partner

Ministry Partners in churches can be a big help to Tree of Life in many important ways. See US Ministry Partners page.

Mission Trips

Wooley guitar smallBring a team to Caye Caulker to help out with one of our projects. From kids’ ministry to crusades to construction to carpentry to landscaping to technical support, there’s something for everyone! We also need someone to shoot and edit videos of what’s happening here.